An air Curtain is a modern device which, when installed on a door, forms an invisible curtain of continuous air and thus prevents escape of conditioned air and entry of outside hot, humid, dirty and unwanted polluted air. The cabinets of Air Curtain are made of cold rolled Mild Steels. The blowers are made of high quality aluminum sheets, duly balanced both, statically as well as dynamically on computerised digital balancing machines, designed to provide uniform air with minimum noise and no vibration. All units are throughly tested att works and meet the highest standards. The motors used are off continuous rating with sealed ball-bearings. HIGH VELOCITY MODELS (Approx 10 meters/second).

  • Size Door Width 600 m.m. (2 feet)
  • Size Door Width 900 m.m. (3 feet)
  • Size Door Width 1200 m.m. (4 feet)
  • Size Door Width 1500 m.m. (5 feet)