All Glass Distillation Unit, With Quartz Heater Tube, Vertical Type


These units consist of main boiler. A built in heater enclosed in Quatrz glass tube. Housing auto Water level adjuster, Bottom outlet for cleaning waste discharge which is fitted with Teflon screw Cap valve. A coil condenser fitted on top for condensing vapours. The whole unit is mounted on epoxy coated metal box stand & covered with acrylic sheet cover for protection. Power supply unit is in built no extra attachment is required. Housing sturdy & reliable power System require 1 K.W. Power per heater.
These distillation units are more compact, require less space, reliable, easy to operate on Continue basis.


  • 1 lit/hr
  • 2 lit/hr
  • 3 lit/hr
  • 4 lit/hr
  • 5 lit/hr
  • Single Stage
  • Double Stage