High Precision Digital Melting Point Apparatus 'U-TECH'


Melting point is displayed on the 3½ digit mounted on the front panel, The instrument basically consists of a miniature furnace with controllable heating rate arrangement, an air circulating arrangement and a digital temp. indicating circuitry with necessary controls, Temp. at the melting point is latched on the digital display and the furnace is automatically cut-off. The rate of rise in temp. can be precisely controlled by a knob on the front panel. The instrument gives audio & visual indications, on reaching the temp. at which the sample melts. The temp. indicating point of the sample remains displayed on the panel till the clear press switch marked ''CLEAR'' is operated. The range of the instruments is 40°C to 350°C. Readability is 1.0°C with accuracy of ± 1°C. The unit works on 230 Volts / 50Hz. A.C.