Humidity Chamber Manufacturer

SSI-116 A

Suitable for carrying out different quality control tests under controlled conditions of temperature & humidity. Inner chamber consists of S.S. & outer wall of M.S. sheet duly powder coated. The gap of 75 m.m. between the outer & inner wall is fitted with special grade glass wool/puf insulation to prevent termal losses. A self cooler air circulation fan is fitted to maintain uniform temperature & humidity conditions throughout the chamber temp. range from 5ºc to 60ºc is controlled by MICRO PROCESSOR DIGITAL TEMP./HUMIDITY CONTROLLER with the accuracy of ±0.5ºc. Temp. Humidity is controlled through the desire set humidity range from 30% RH to 95% RH ± 3% RH.

Inside Chamber Size

  • 455m.m (w) x 710m.m. (H) x 455m.m. (D)
  • 605m.m. (w) x 605m.m. (H) x 605m.m. (D)
  • 605m.m. (w) x 910m.m. (H) x 605m.m. (D)

Optional Accessories

  • Automatic voltage stabilizer 3KVA (Triple relay)
  • Data Logger with Computer attachment
  • Micro Processor programmable controller for nine control & nine step
Humidity Chamber Manufacturer