Vertical Slab Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus 'U-TECH'


Made out of thick perspex sheet with fixed upper and lower buffer tanks with 1 comb, 3 spacers, 1 plain glass plate, 1 notched glass plate, clamps, electrode terminals & PT. ELECTRODES OF 99.9% PURITY.

  • Fixed Height
  • Adjustable Height . (WITH S.S. / PLEXIGLASS RODS)

Optional accessories

  • Rectangular notched glass plates 8cm x 7cm, or 11cm x 13cm or 19cm x 22cm.
  • Gel casting unit
  • Combs of 7 wells or 9 wells of 13 wells of thickness 1.5m.m./1.0m.m./2.0m.m.
  • Preparative comb of 3 wells of thickness 3.0m.m.
  • Acrylic spacer (set of 3pcs.) of size 0.5m.m./1.0m.m./1.5m.m./2.0m.m./3.0m.m.