Heavy duty robust construction with inner chamber made of stainless steel and outer made of M.S. sheet duly enamel painted. Glass window allows inspection of samples without disturbing the inner chamber temperature. Four stainless steel adjustable shelves are provided with the unit. Air circulation fan is also fitted to the unit for temperature uniformity. Temperature range from 10° C to 60° C±2° C is controlled by Dual Setting Microprocessor PID Controller. -cum controller and humidity is controlled by imported humidistatfrom ambient to 95% ±3% RH. Arrangement exists only for increasing the humidity and not for decreasing. Fitted with exterior illumination achieved by flourescent tube and 0-24 gyclic timer. To work on 220/230 volts AC supply. Inner chamber.

  • Size: 1 mtr x 1 mtr x 1 mtr.