Cold Room

    Model: SSI 124

    Room shall consist of polyurethane insulated 60mm thick Puff panels of Puff Density 40 kg/m3. The individual panel firmly locks together by male & female cam lock. The material shall be inner side Stainless Steel 304 & outer side PPGI sheet. OVERLAP TYPE DOOR Made out of 60 mm thick Puff Insulated Door gladded with Inner side Stainless Steel 304 & Outer side PPGI sheet with complete all accessories likes Locks & Hinges as Overlap type door. (1000mm x 2100mm), FLOOR AREA (FREEZER ROOM) Floor shall be made out of 60 mm thick PUF insulated panel’s cladded with PP sheet on one side & other side 12 mm ply with 1 mm thick alum. Chq sheet. FLASHING: - Made out of Stainless Steel 304 sheet flashing for base channel, outer door.

    Temperature range is from 10ºC to 40ºC and is controlled by Microprocessor PID Controller with an accuracy of ± 1ºC. Humidity range is 40 to 90% ±3% . LED light & the cyclic illumination conditions are regulated by automatic 0-24 hrs. Complete with 4 no. indoor outdoor unit is controlled by temperature. To work on 220/240V AC.