Seed Germinator Dual Chamber


Most suitable for conducting various experiments on a variety of seeds under different conditions of temperature and humidity. Atomospheric conditions are created within the chamber to perform different experiments without gone onto the field. The double walled unit has inner chamber made up of S.S. and outer chamber of M.S. Sheet duly powder coated.
Temperature from 5°c to 50°c ± 1°c is controlled by DIGITAL TEMP. indicator-cum-controller. Humidity (NOT ADJUSTABLE) is created in a S.S. water reservoir fitted at the bottom to provide 90% to 95% ± 3% RH Humidity. Supplied complete with 14 adjustable perforated trays. Complete with cord and plug to work on 220/230 V. A.C. Supply.

  • Size inside chamber 555 x 605 x 910 mm
Seed Germinator Dual Chamber



Double Walled, inner made of thick Stainless Steel, outer made of thick best quality mild steel duly powder coated painted, properly insulated with 75mm glass wool to prevent any heat loss. Provided with full view glass door for inspection of material in the both chambers. Provided with dual chamber of inner size 555 x 605 x 910 mm (WxDxH) each. Each chamber is provided with 6/14 perforated Stainless steel trays.(With Standard configuration only 6 trays are provided in each chamber). Each chamber is provided with Inner full view transparent glass door and outer double walled, metallic door with best quality handle, leak proof magnetic gasket, lock etc. Whole unit is mounted on castor wheels for easy mobility.Both the inner chambers are provided with water resorvior (Tank) made of S. Steel and provided with constant level of water, drainage made of brass is provided. Temp. range is from 5°C to 50°C in one chamber and ambient and above in other chamber i.e. one chamber is provided with heating and cooling system, and other chamber is provided with only heating system. Cooling is done with the help of ISI mark compressor relay, capacitor etc. Provided with fan cooled condensor. Provided with separate digital indicator cum controller with PT 100 Sensor in both the chamber. This temp. controller is provided with unique facility of time delay relay which automatically controls the accuracy of temp. The resolution of digital controller is 0.1°C. Humidity is from ambient to 90% RH (Adjustable ) and is controlled by Humidistat with an accuracy of +/- 3% and Humidity is generated through a S.Steel reservoir placed in the bottom of the main chamber and is generated through Imported Mist Generator .Provided with motorized powerful two number fans in each chamber for uniform air circulation.Each chamber is fitted with separate controls for heating cooling temp. setting humidity setting, different display of parameters and is provided in the front of the each chamber. Works on 220 V 50 Hz, Single Phase AC.

-Do-same as above but provided heating and cooling system in the both chambers.

Optional Accessories

  • Spare tray at extra cost
  • Humidity chamber can be supplied with Electronic Digital Indicator cum-Humidity controller at an extra cost
  • Microprocessor PID Controller at extra cost
  • Seed Germinator can be provided 0-24 hour's timer for regulating cyclic illumination condition at the extra cost.
  • Micropocessor based Programmable Timer
  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 4.0 KVA. (TRIPLE RELAY)
Seed Germinator Single Chamber