Rotary Flask Shaker

    Model: SSI 146

    Mainly use for mixing of chemicals, solvents / solutions and are most suitable for shaking in Erlenmeyer flasks. Body is mounted on heavy duty Mild Steel angle iron frame duly painted. The platform is made of thick mild steel sheet duly painted fitted with rubber discs to hold Erlenmeyer Flasks of different capacity. Platform is mounted on ball bearing crank shafts with a orbital dia. of approx. 1.5” to 2". Heavy duty motor coupled by means of V - Belt with pitch pulley system is housed inside the frame. Speed can be controlled through a mechanical speed control system. 50 to 200 rpm. Work on 220/230 volts A.C supply.

    9 Flasks of ( 250/ 500 ml)
    16 Flasks of ( 250 / 500 ml)
    25 Flasks of ( 250/ 500 ml)
    36 Flasks of ( 250/ 500 ml)