HUMIDIFIER (S.S. BODY) ( 5.0 Liters )

    Humidifier (S.S. Body) ( 5.0 Liters )

    Model: SSI 169

    Based on the rotating disc-splash plate principal, It produce only super fine particles of micron size, which become part of the atmosphere, thereby reaching every corner of the room, resulting in uniform humidity. Due to the upward thrust imparted to the micron sized water droplets, by high speed motorized unit, they remain suspended in the atmosphere for longer duration of time. Time unit is capable of atomizing up to 5 liters of water in an hour at full evaporation in the driest possible ambient conditions. The unit has body made up of Stainless Steel unit is effective for an enclosed space of volume up to 40 cu. mts. The unit is provided with high speed 2800 RPM motor to run longer period, and the blades are aerodynamically balanced to ensure drop less fumigation. To work on 220/230 volts. Supply.

    5 Liters