Melting Point Apparatus (Silicon Oil Bath)

    Model: SSI 175

    The unit consists of a built in magnetic stirrer, glare free background illuminator and cylindrical silicon oil bath. The silicon oil bath consists of a plain cylindrical container of corning glass having capacity of about 200 ml. It is furnished with a Teflon cover fitted with special type of oil immersion heater, having three small holes for holding the capillaries, one big hole for thermometer and another big hole for boiling point tube / calibrator. The stirrer speed is variable and controlled through PID controller. The apparatus can be used for determination of boiling points, flow points and molecular weights by Rast's method with suitable accessories.

    • Suitable for melting point
    • Suitable for boiling point
    • With silicon oil bath heating
    • Melting range = 300°c
    • Capillary dimension = 1.4mm
    • Readability °c / Resolution = 0.1°c
    • Programmable
    • Automatic ramp rate proceeding
    • Auto gradient rate of heating control
    • Sample capacity = Three sample