Glass Bead Sterilizer

    Model: SSI 151

    For use in Biotechnology/Tissue Culture research and production. These are compact stainless Steel units, and can be placed on Laminar Air Flow Benches. Glass Bead Sterilizers are a quick, Easy and Accurate alternative to traditional methods of sterilization. It destructs all micro organisms within seconds. The unit is ready within 30 minutes after switching on and ensures total sterilization. These are incorporated with an imported thermostat, which maintains the set temperature with an accuracy of + 1 of the preset temperature range.

    Cabinet Size 150 x 155 x 225 mm (L x W x H)
    Crucible (Brass) size 2”dia x 6” Depth
    Preset Temp. Range 50°C – 300°C
    Initial Stabilization Time (inclu. of Glass Beads) 30 Minutes
    Power consumption 50 Units (for 25 working days)
    Wattage 250W Single Phase
    Input 220V 50 Hz. Or 110V 50 Hz.