High Precission Water Bath (With Stirring Arrangement)

    Model: SSI 134

    Double wailed chamber has inner made up of thick Stainless Steel 304 and outer wall is of thick PCRC sheet duly Powder Coated. A glass window is provided on the front side for an easy inside view. A high speed stirrer with a motor of 1/20 H.P. is fitted to the unit for continuous stirring and thus maintaining a uniform temperature throughout. A speed regulator & digital indicator controller is provided on the front panel to control speed of the stirrer and temperature of bath. The heating mechanism comprises of set of heaters pertaining to faster and slower heating . Temperature is from ambient to 100ºC with an accuracy of + 0.1°C and is controlled by microprocessor PID Controller. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. supply.

    Chamber Size:

    430 x 240 x 265 mm. (Approx. 28Ltr. cap.)