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    Steam Sterilizer Rectangular High Pressure

    Model: SSI 104

    Same as cylindrical high pressure steam sterlizer but in rectangular shape. Outside made of Heavy Duty rolled Steel /stainless steel, inside made of thick Stainless Steel, triple walled. Door made of Thick Stainless Steel. Properly insulated Steam Generator is made of Heavy duty Stainless Steel. Pressure control device is fitted in all electrically operated steam sterlizer. Provided with “Piezostat” (Pressure Control Device). It cut off the power supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re-energise the heating elements when pressure falls below the set point. Boiler is made from thick stainless steel sheet suitable located under the sterilizer. High grade flanged type heating elements are placed in the from side for easy replacement etc. Fitted with water gauge made of glass for water level, safety valve, water inlet and drain valves. Provided with self locking safety door which cannot be opened when the chamber is under pressure. The clutch mechanism automatically disengages the threads of the radial locking system for precluding any eventuality of accident when the chamber is under pressure. A heat resistant neoprene rubber gasket is provided for totally safety of the Instrument. Provided with electrically operated PIEZOSTAT, which economics the power consumption and limits the use of release valve which would frequently blow steam into the room. It cuts off the power supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re-energises the heater when pressure falls down. Two separate valves are provided for evacuating air and steam from inner chamber and jacket .A steam trap is fitted in the chamber discharge line to eliminate the condensate automatically. Panel consist of pressure control switch, main on/off switch, Indicators, relays etc.The sterilizer is provided with triple safety. First with pressure control switch , Two nos. spring loaded safety valves, and a dead weight safety valve.A PLUG SCREEN prevents the discharge line from choking. And it can easily be removed for cleaning. A power full ejector circulates the air throughout the chamber.

    SIZE : (W x H x D) Capacity
    (450 x 450 x 900) mm 180 Ltrs.
    (450 x 600 x 900) mm 240 Ltrs.
    (600 x 600 x 900) mm 320 Ltrs.
    (600 x 600 x 1200) mm 430 Ltrs.
    (600 x 750 x 1200) mm 540 Ltrs.
    (600 x 900 x 1500) mm 810 Ltrs.