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    Model: SSI 101

    Based on the principal of saturated steam sterilization. Electrically heated. Used for sterilization of rubber, utensils, Linen, plastic, dressing material, surgical items, glass wares, lab wares etc. It is used in scientific research institutions, universities, hospitals, mushroom centers, tissue culture labs etc. Sturdy construction, Double walled, Inner chamber i.e. boiler made of 16 SWG stainless steel of 304 quality, outer shell is made of thick mild steel duly painted. The boiler and outer shell is provided with air insulation. Lid is made of thick SS duly Stainless steel lined and is tightened by Radial locking system. Lid is mounted on a central screw and is provided with best quality joint less neoprene gasket to avoid any risk and trouble free operation. These autoclaves are fitted with paddle lifting device to open/close the lid. Fitted with glass indicator to indicate the water level inside the boiler. Automatic Pressure Controller Switch PID Temperature + Timer. These autoclaves are fitted with pressure gauge, steam release cock, safety valves, spring loaded safety valves etc. These autoclaves can be set at any pressure in between 5 to 22 P.s.i. provided with drain valve. These autoclaves are hydraulically tested up to 40 P.s.i. Provided with ISI mark heating elements which are easily replaceable and heats the water to desired temperature and pressure. Pressure is indicated by pressure gauge. Supplied complete with stainless steel perforated basket, cord plug to work on 220 V +/- 9% 50 Hz, single phase.

    250 mm x 450 mm (1.5 KW) 22 Ltrs
    300 mm x 500 mm (2.0 KW) 40 Ltrs
    350 mm x 550 mm (3.0 KW) 50 Ltrs
    400 mm x 600 mm (4.0 KW) 78 Ltrs
    450 mm x 600 mm (4.0 KW) 98 Ltrs
    550 mm x 750 mm (5.0 KW) 152 Ltrs