Deep Freezer (-20°C to -80°C) Manufacturers


Double walled with inner chamber made of S.S./ Plastic and outer of thick PCRC sheet duly enamel painted. Temperature range from ambient to -20°C is achieved by hermetically sealed compressor. The gap between the inner and outer wall is filled with high grade PUF Insulation to avoid thermal loss. Body is mounted on a sturdy angle ironframe and is mounted on castor wheels. Unit is fitted with Micro Processor Microprocessor PID Controller. -cum controller. Horizontal Chest type models are supplied in a single compartment whereas vertical models are supplied with three storing shelves.


  • 4 Cuft,
  • 6 Cuft,
  • 10 Cuft,
  • 12 Cuft
Deep Freezer (-20°C to -80°C) Manufacturers